Team India Westbrooks


Team India Westbrooks is no longer up and running. The owner (Alex) has left the blog for the last and final time. I will not be bringing the blog back, ever again. My time with running this blog was fun while it lasted, but that slowly but surely got old. From August 2011 to now, the fun dwindled down and it started to seem like a chore to log in and update more than anything.

I didn't enjoy running this blog towards the end and seeing as how I'm about to move into my own apartment, turn 21 (january 9th), and transfer to a university all next month to obtain my bachelors degree after just getting my associates degree....I have a lot of other things on my plate to worry about. Between what I just listed and work....I have to worry about my own life now. Especially since I'm about to enter complete adulthood...I was going to have less time to run this anyway.

I have big accomplishments and responsibilities coming my way and I just hope you guys can understand that. I'm sorry I'm leaving once again....but just know, this time is final. I will still be supporting the westbrooks....I just won't have a blog for them...or well for India.

NO, the westbrooks didn't do anything to make me want to leave...I'm leaving on my own terms.

Thank you to everyone who's been supportive of this blog...and me as well. I've listed my ig and kik up above for anyone who wants to stay in contact with me. Again, I thank all of you and I hope you can understand where I'm coming from on this decision. Then again if you dont.....oh well. Because it's my decision. But I love you all. Take you should. <333

PS- The archive is still available for those who want to browse her pictures that I had up on this blog.